dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Q&A with legendary dutch Mc Deams

Dit keer had ik het genoegen om een Q&A te doen met ons eigen legendarische Mc Deams. ( Q&A in english ) Enjoy & Support Real Hip Hop.

Q: How are you doing Deams?

A:  Doing great, thnx for asking.

Q: What was your first Hip Hop song that you heard & what was your reaction?

A: I don’t remember the first one but I do remember that the Wild Style album and movie had a big impact on me and introduced me to the world of Hip Hop.

Q:  After hearing that song was that your inspiration to start rapping?
A:  I started out as a dancer and graffiti writer before I started rapping but it was definitely one of the reasons for me to pick up the mic.

Q:  What was your first Hip Hop album that you bought?
A:   I’m not sure, but probably Wild Style.

Q: Who is your favorite Mc/Group & why?
A:   Too many to mention and it’s hard to point out my favorite one because of the different styles they all have, but I was definitely into artists like LL, Big Daddy Kane, Gangstarr, Rakim, Ice-T, Ice Cube, MC Shan, Schoolly D, NAS, Notorious Big, Jay-Z, Public Enemy, Steady B, Jeru the Damaja and many more. Nowadays I’m into artists like Maffew Ragazino, K.Sparks, Jay Electronica, the Pro Era movement etc.. I’m a die-hard Hip Hop fan.

Q: Did you start rapping in english or dutch?
A: I started out with English and still do.

Q: Your first record was Dope/Demes shuffle with Allstar Fresh how came that collabo together?
A: Allstar and I go way back and used to do DJ/MC gigs together in Europe, one of the reasons why we decided to make this record was because of our scheduled performance in New York in the same year.

Q: In 2009 you came with The Legacy Ep your first Ep but why not a whole album?
A:  The initial idea was to do a full album but I decided it to treat it more like a re-introduction of myself and keep it it short.

Q: On the legacy you work with the biggest names in Hip Hop Big Daddy Kane,Chuck D ,Dj Premier & more how came that together?
A: They are all personal friends of mine so that was a no-brainer and they were all willing to contribute when I asked and told them about the concept. 

Q: How did you get signed to gangstarr productions? & are you still signed to gangstarr productions?
A:  That happened as soon as we (Guru and I) started working on music. We were just hanging out as friends before that. The Gangstarr production company doesn’t exist anymore but I’m still a member of the Gangstarr Foundation.

Q: Can we expect more new music from you in the future?
A: Yes, the past few years I didn’t have anything to say...now I do, so it’s coming.

Q: What are you doing right now and what are you future plan's?
A:  One thing I have learned in life is never share your future plans with the general public so you will have to wait to see what’s gonna happen. Next to writing new music I’m busy working on my project in China www.hiphop360.cn

Q: What do you think about Hip Hop today compared with the 90's golden Hip Hop era?
A: I don’t like making those comparisons because we’re talking about 2 different periods in Hip Hop and every generation treats Hip Hop differently, it’s part of evolution. But I will say this, back than it was more for the love of Hip Hop and creative expression (with a few exceptions of course) and nowadays it seems it’s more for the love of money and fame. But there are still many new artists making great music in a creative way.

Q: What is you favorite Hip Hop album and single & why ?
A:  Can’t answer that, there are too many great albums and singles out there to choose from.

Q: Where can people follow Deams?
A:  My website Deamsmusic.com will be re-designed but people can find me on twitter and facebook.

Q: Did you liked this Q&A?
A: Yeah, keep doing your thing with your blog.

Paul: Deams thank you very much for your time and al the best in the future peace homie

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