zaterdag 7 december 2013

Shylow & Expertise vormen "The First Divsion"

Shylow en Expertise komen beide uit Canada en vormen samen "The First Division"en werken op dit moment aan hun debut album wat we volgend jaar kunnen verwachten.Maar voor die tijd krijgen we al wat te horen van de mannen.Voor het eind van dit jaar komen ze uit met hun gratis Ep "The Critical Path Pt.1".Op hun Ep werken ze samen met niemand anders dan producer Marco Polo.Shylow en Marco Polo zijn vrienden van elkaar en hebben al eerder samen gewerkt op albums van Marco Polo o.a. op Marco's The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo "Whylin Out" Feat Shylow en op Newport Authority 2 "Long & Winding" Feat The First Division & Large Professor en natuurlijk op Marco's laatste album PA2: The Director's Cut "Underdogs" Feat Shylow en Supastition.Nu word het dus tijd voor een eigen album maar eerst het gratis Ep "The Critical Path Pt.1.Hieronder kan je de tracklist zien van het Ep en kan je luisteren naar hun eerste singel daarvan "The Trade" Feat Torae.Support Real Hip Hop Enjoy.

The First Division - The Critical Path Pt.1

01 Intro Prod. by Marco Polo
02 Life & Death Prod. by Marco Polo
03 The Trade Feat Torae Prod. by Marco Polo
04 R4 Prod. by Beatwyze
05 Bottom Line Prod. by Marco Polo
06 Khanfidence Prod. by Beatwyze
07 9th Configuration Prod. by 9thUno
08 Take Your Time Feat D.V. Alias Khryst,Grand Daddy I.U. & Edo G Prod. by Marco Polo.

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Nieuwe video Propo'88 & BlabberMouf - Put Em Up


Dit is de nieuwste video van het duo Dj Propo'88 & Mc Blabbermouf "Put Em Up". Dit nummer is afkomstig van het Propo'88 & KickBack album "Cosmic Trippin".Enjoy de video & Support Real Hip Hop.

Q&A met Hannibal Stax ( Gangstarr Foundation )

Dit keer had ik het genoegen om een Q&A te doen met Hannibal Stax van The Gangstarr Foundation Hannibal heeft in juli van dit jaar zijn debut album uitgebracht samen met Marco Polo "Seize The Day".Voor degene die wat minder bekend zijn met Hannibal Stax hij doet onder andere mee op het album van Gangstarr "Moment Of Truth" ( Itz a set up ) en op het "The Ownerz" album ( Same Team No Games ).Enjoy de Q&A & Support Real Hip Hop.

Q: How are you doing Hannibal and thank you for your time to do this Q&A

A: I'm good, real good.. You're welcome; thanks for making this happen.

Q: To which music did you listen to as a teenager?

A: All kinds of music bust mostly Hip Hop. Gangstarr, Freddie Foxxx, Rakim, KRS1, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Public Enemy etc..

Q: What was the first Hip Hop song that you ever heard and what was your reaction?

A: I think it was " These are the Breaks" Kurtis Blow & I think I lost my mind for the day..

Q: What was the first Hip Hop album or single that you bought?

A: Roxxanne Roxxaane UTFO,, I got it for Christmas; I thought I was the ish.

Q: After hearing that first Hip Hop song was that the moment for you to be a Mc also?

A: Nah, not at all. It wasn't until I reached junior HS. The talent show made me want to be an MC

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration to become a MC?

A: GURU! He made me take it serious to some degree.

Q: Who is your favorite Hip Hop Group /  Mc  & producer & why him / them?

A: FABID/ H.Stax/ DJ Premier.. Self explanatory..

Q: You are a member of the Gangstarr foundation how did you become a member of the foundation and did you knew Guru & Dj Premier before you become a member ?

A: I'm not sure when I became a member so its had to answer that. It wasn't like I signed up to become a member. Maybe I did haha...

Q: You are also in a group F.A.B.I.D. were does F.A.B.I.D. stands for & who is the other member or members?

A: Family Art Brotherhood Integrity Devotion, My life long Homeboy Mike Rone 

Q: After years featuring on Gangstarr albums and other artists like Afu Ra,Dj Skizz,Big Shug,Guru & others you finally came with your debut album "Seize the day" why did it took so long to come with a full album of your own?

A: Personal reasons, financial reasons, political reasons. At the end of the day I always wanted to be independent. I'm ready now.

Q: On this album "Seize The Day" you teamed up with super producer Marco Polo how did that came together?

A: He reached out through P. F Cuttin and history was made.

Q: After your first debut album can we expect more from you in the future & maybe a collabo with Dj Premier?

A: God willing!  Ain't nobody promised tomorrow. Life is real.

Q: For a lot of Hip Hop fans Hip Hop isn't what it was compered with the 90's ( Golden Era ) what do you think is missing in Hip Hop today?

A: Fans don't support the way they use to.  Most people just accept whatever is on mainstream radio.

Q: Where can people follow Hannibal Stax if they wanna know more about you?

A: Twitter/ HannibalStax, Facebook/ HannibalStax, Instagram/  DaRealHStax

Q: Did you liked this Q&A?

A: By all means,,, Thanks for giving me the chance to open up.